The parse_xml API reference

Copyright 2020 Simon Vandevelde, Bram Aerts, Joost Vennekens This code is licensed under GNU GPLv3 license (see LICENSE) for more information. This file is part of the cDMN solver.

class parse_xml.XMLparser(xml_str: str)[source]

The parser class responsible for parsing the xml file, and turning it into cDMN tables. This means a conversion from XML into the Type and Constant glossary, and into standard Decision Tables.


Find the variables which are defined by the last decision table. This decision table always contains the “final decision” of the specification, and thus, its outputs contain the goals.

Returns goal_variables:
 list containing the names of the goal var.
get_table_dependencies(table_name, dependencies=[])[source]

Returns a list of all the tables which depend on the table with table_name. This includes indirect dependencies as well.

Returns dependencies:
 list of all dependencies.

Method to return all the tables as one big array. This is the internal cDMN representation.

Returns tables:a list containing all decision and glossary tables.