cDMN implementations of DMCommunity Challenges

For our publication on cDMN, we looked at DMN challenges posted on the DMCommunity website. In total, we looked at 21 challenges. Their cDMN implementations can be downloaded here. We created full explanations for some of the implementations, which can be found below.

DMN Challenges
Challenge Solved Link to the description
Who killed Agatha? Yes
Change Making Decision Yes
Make a Good Burger Yes
Define Duplicate Product Lines Yes
Collection of Cars Yes
Monkey Business Yes
Vacation Days Yes
Greeting a Customer Yes
Loan Approval No
Online Dating Services Yes
Classify Department Employees Yes
Soldier Payment Rules No
Reindeer Ordering Yes
Zoo, Buses and Kids Yes
Balanced Assignment Yes
Vacation Days Advanced Yes
Map Coloring Yes
Map Coloring with Violations Yes
Crack the Code Yes
Numerical Haiku Yes

Other DMCommunity Challenges

The solution file also contains other DM Community challenges, which weren’t discussed in our paper. In the future, more should be added.

Other DMN Challenges
Challenge Link to the description
Nim Rules
Doctor Planning
Calculator with Two Buttons
Virtual Chess Tournament
Covid Testing
Where is Gold